There are two positions which delegates will be able to vote for:

  • President
  • Sustainability officer

Please see list below for details of candidate nominations:


This is a full-time paid position based at the NUS-USI office in Belfast.  The president leads NUS-USI in its mission to promote, defend and extend the rights of students, and to develop strong students’ unions.  The NUS-USI leader sits on the National Union of Students (NUS) national executive council as well as the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) national council.

Candidate College Nominated by...

Mark Francos

Ulster University


Andrew McAnallen and Nicole Parkinson-Kelly (Ulster University), Conor Loughran (Queen’s University), Stephen Ogborn (Belfast Metropolitan College), Charley Brush (Stranmillis University).
Hi, I'm Mark a Politics Student at Ulster University and the current Chair of the Student Council within UUSU. Throughout my time in university and FE I have always strived to ensure that the student's voice is heard, representing student opinions from the ground up to the institution and to a regional and national level.
I have the relevant experience to lobby politicians from my work with the BBC, debating current affairs with MP's and MLA's on radio and television. I want to take this to the next level and represent you as your next President of NUS-USI.  Read my manifesto here.

Conor Loughran

Queen’s University


John-Daniel Armstrong (Belfast Metropolitan College), Mark Francos (Ulster University), Jane Molloy (South Western Regional College), Lucas Eli Finch (Queen’s University), Dillon Stanley (South Eastern Regional College).

Hi! I'm Conor, currently the NUS-USI LGBT+ Officer. I am standing as President after 3 years of being a volunteer student officer. I've worked nearly every day to represent the students of Northern Ireland and deliver real campaigns which impact students in every part of our country. 

Being part of this movement has given me confidence - it has changed my life. After all this time I'm now eager to deliver one final year in NUS-USI and use all my experience and knowledge to help shape our union and give back to this movement that has given me purpose.  Read my manifesto here.

Robert Murtagh    

Queen’s University


Jill McManus, Hamsavani Rajeswaren and Rachel Watters (Queen's University), Emmanuel Giwa (Belfast Metropolitan College), Kevin McStravock (Ulster University).

My name's Robert Murtagh, I am the current Student Activities Officer at QUBSU. 

The student movement has a long history of being at the forefront of change, whether it was during the civil rights movement in the US, the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa or being the foot soldiers of seismic change in Ireland in 2014 and 2018, for marriage equality and repeal. 

That is why I am running, because the work isn't over, and we must continue to fight for free education, to promote student welfare, to build stronger unions and to create a more equal NI. Read my manifesto here.

Sustainability Officer

Andrew McAnallen      


Ulster University


Collette Cassidy and Grace Boyle (Ulster University), Rachel Powell and Rachel Watters (Queen's University), Damien Ball (St. Mary’s University).
I'm Andy, President-elect at Ulster University Students' Union. I have championed sustainability in my two-year tenure as Vice President for UUSU. 
Scientists have warned that we have 12 years to reverse the effects of climate change, so it's vital that we have a strong voice for sustainability at a national level.
I want to be your voice for sustainability on a national level, that's why I'm running to be the next NUS-USI Sustainability Officer. Read my manifesto here.