NUS-USI Conference

Tuesday 20 & Wednesday 21 March 2018

Everglades Hotel, Prehen Road, Derry. BT47 2NS

This annual democratic event provides a great opportunity for delegates to network with other students and activists from across Northern Ireland campuses.  Delegates will hear from inspirational speakers, elect new leaders, take part in group activity, debate and form policy. 

Registration for conference opened on 22 January.

Registration closed on Monday 5 March at 2pm however, this may be extended until Monday 12 March at 2pm ONLY for delegates who do not have access/dietary requirements.

Conference documents

These are the formal documents of notification, rules and procedures surrounding conference.  As each document becomes available, it will be posted here.

Motions and Policy

Motions are presented when a students’ union makes a formal request to NUS-USI to develop a policy, or take action on a given issue.  Our policy is written and adapted every year by you, our members, and you have a right to provide input.  Every three years, policy lapses.  If you find this confusing, all will become clear by reading the conference motions’ guide.  You may also look at our current policy file.  

Click here to view the Liberation motions for ratification at NUS-USI Conference

Regional executive committee report

The president produces an annual report on the work of the regional executive committee which is available to download here. (plain text version here)
NUS-USI president is Olivia Potter-Hughes,  If you would like to submit a question relating to the report, please complete this form


Visit the elections page for candidate manifestos.

If you have any event related questions (ie registration, prices, dietary requirements, access, childcare etc.), please contact the Events Team.
For information on the agenda and democratic procedures at conference, please contact NUS-USI manager Laura Stobo.