Organising opportunities to meet up with other Friends, to catch up and reminisce and to hear from NUS about its current activities is a core part of the work of Friends of NUS.

We commit to two events each year: a reception in London and a further reception at National Conference in March/April, which moves to a new city every two years. We also encourage Friends to organise their own reunions and meet-ups – if you do let us know and we can advertise it on this site.

This year, the London reception took place Tuesday 11 February 2020Around fifty Friends gathered at the UCL Institute of Education for our annual reception on 10 February. Attendees spanned NUS staff and officers from the 1960s to the present day – and with some current students also in the bar with us, potentially even some future colleagues. We’re thrilled the event was received so positively, not least due to the calibre of the contributions.

The keynote speaker this year was Bill Rammell, whose varied career has included being President of Cardiff SU, a NUS Regional Officer, general manager of KCL SU and then ULU, MP for Harlow, a higher education minister in the Blair government and most recently Vice Chancellor at the University of Bedfordshire. In a wide-ranging speech he discussed his adventures in the student movement and how it shaped his later work in national politics and higher education.


Friends heard also from our current President, Zamzam Ibrahim, on NUS’s present work on education, and from Kat Stark, NUS’s Director of Student Voice and Democracy, on our recent reforms and initial plans around our 100th year. All this was compered by Sarah Adams, VP Welfare 1998-90, who could tell us a few stories about Bill’s time in the movement too. NUS and the FONUS Committee would like to thank all the speakers for their contributions.


FONUS Reception at National Conference

Friends of NUS will once again hold a reception at National Conference, this year at the ACC in Liverpool, on Tuesday 31 March at 6pm. All Friends are invited - please register HERE using the code NATFONUS20. Registration provides a guest (‘balcony’) pass for Tuesday should you wish to observe some of Conference business, as well as access to the reception itself.