TAKE ACTION because #StudentsDeserveBetter

Save the date: International Students' Day on Tuesday 17th November!


Your last chance to get money in students’ pockets this term!


The government’s spending review is taking place in less than two weeks.  This will be the key chance to secure a student support package. So we need your help to influence MPs and make sure that they advocate for students to the government, and lobby the Treasury.


Join our week of action by holding a town hall meeting (International Day of the Student). Invite your local MP along to hear from your students about why they need support now!


Once your MP has attended make sure that they commit to supporting students by –

  • Write to the Treasury to call for more funding to support students as part of the Spending Review
  • Contact local unis/accommodation providers on students being let out of tenancy contracts.
  • Table questions on support for students ahead of Education oral parliamentary questions.
  • Share SDB messaging/graphics on socials


Get your local MP to support the campaign before the spending review to help us win more funding for students!



Students! If you’ve got:


One minute


Share the campaign on social media




Use our TikTok sound!


5 mins – Sign our petition (and share it in a group chat)




15 mins – share your stories! Make a video. Tell everyone about your experiences using #StudentsDeserveBetter and tag us @nusuk or @nationalunionofstudents on TikTok



30 mins – Write to your MP! Ask them to publicly support the campaign and go to the debate on tuition fee refunds on November 16th.


You can use this template letter which details our campaign demands. We recommend you be as honest and personal about your experiences as possible.


30 mins – Call your family/friends and tell them about what is going on and get them to sign and share the campaign.


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One hour -  organise a group of your friends, people on your course or people in the same halls to listen to the experiences of students on your campus. Invite a local journalist along to spread the story.




Students’ Unions...


 We want the Treasury to make money available for student support in the Budget at the end of November, and that is best done by local MPs lobbying Rishi Sunak on behalf of their constituents to address hardship.


Lobby your MP – take part in our day of action! 


And, if you’ve got...



30 minutes – email all of your students about the #StudentsDeserveBetter campaign, encouraging them to take the actions above! 



30 minutes – talk to local press about the issues that your students are facing on campus



One hour – meet with your Vice Chancellor and ask them to publicly commit to our set of #StudentsDeserveBetter demands. Why not accompany this with an open letter from you and your students to make the case really clearly? 


Two hours – organise a #StudentsDeserveBetter Zoom event with your students to discuss the treatment of students as a result of the pandemic. This is especially effective if you organise this with a halls in lockdown, and an NUS officer will come and speak!


Two hours – organise a meeting with students and your local MP so that everyone can hear their concerns, and encourage your MP to publicly support the campaign