Ask the government a question at the COVID-19 daily briefing

The government have launched a scheme for members of the public to ask a question at the daily coronavirus press conference.


This is a great opportunity to get as many people as possible to submit questions related to our Student Safety Net campaign and ensure that students are not being left to fall through the cracks.


The link to submit a question is here and we've created some suggested questions for you -


  • Will the government introduce a hardship fund for full-time students who have been financially affected by COVID-19 but are not eligible for Universal Credit?


  • What support will you offer to education leavers this year who will be entering the labour market during a recession, and will you consider providing a grant for further training and skills development to increase employability?


  • Students have faced great disruption due to COVID-19 with most not receiving the teaching they expected. Will you provide adequate funding to institutions to allow students to redo the year at no extra cost, have this year’s debt written off or receive reimbursements for their course or tuition fees?


Please do submit a question!