Become a member

NUS is a confederate association of around 600 students’ unions, representing the interests of more than seven million students. Around 95 per cent of all students’ unions throughout the country are affiliated to NUS, ranging from those based at small specialist colleges through to general further education colleges, large universities and higher education colleges.

Just a few of the benefits of affiliation to NUS include:

  • Being part of a national movement which assists individual students and students’ unions in taking control of their educational lives, campaigning to defend and improve their rights nationally
  • Having access to expert training, guidance, resources and tools
  • Being able to sell the NUS extra card, which means discount for students and income for the students’ union

Who can affiliate?

To be able to affiliate to NUS your students’ union must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a UK based students’ union
  • Must be a students’ union whose institutions receive public funding for the provision of education and training
  • Must only have learners aged 16 and over

The institution could be a private training provider, a charity, a further education college, school sixth form, college of higher education or university.

Don't have a students' union? Find out how to set one up.

How do we apply?

For more information on how you can become affiliated to NUS, please contact our Customer Services Team on 0845 5210 262

As part of your application you will need to submit:

·         a copy of your constitution

·         a copy of the financial statement of the union

·         a copy of the college prospectus

Further queries

Q. We don’t have a constitution. Can we affiliate to NUS?
A. You will need a constitution for your students’ union to affiliate to NUS. Our Model Constitution will provide you some assistance in writing one. 

Q. We don’t have any financial records. Can we affiliate to NUS?  
A. As part of your application you will need to include a letter stating why you do not have any financial records.

Q. How much does it cost to join?
A. Your affiliation fee will depend on your student numbers and students' union income. The minimum affiliation fee is £250 and varies due to the number of full and part time students that are studying at your institution, and by the block grant you receive.

When you contact the Customer Services Team to apply they will be able to discuss this with you further. 


Other types of membership

There are four other types of membership, these are:

  • Constituent Members;
  • Individual Members;
  • Student Organisations in Association, Partner Organisations in Association, Individuals in Association and NUS Areas (together the “Associate Members”); and
  • Honorary Members.

The Constituent Members (Students' Unions) are the Company Law Members of the National Union for the purposes of the Companies Acts.

Individual Members

Individual Membership is defined for the purposes of determining eligibility for candidacy for elections. Those listed as individual members below are eligable to be nominated for elections (as further defined in the rules):

  • The Students of a Constituent Member aged 16 or over;
  • The Committee Members and members of the National Executive Council;
  • The sabbatical officers of Constituent Members; and
  • The sabbatical convenors of NUS Area Organisations.

Associate Members

Associate Membership shall be open to:

  • National student organisations having a substantial student membership uniting students for any purpose, known as “Student Organisations in Association”;
  • Non-student organisations who have general sympathy with the National Union, or who have particular areas of common interest with the National Union, known as “Partner Organisations in Association”;
  • Iindividuals interested in and supporting the objects of the National Union, known as “Individuals in Association”; and
  • Core Constitution
  • Voluntary associations of students’ unions defined geographically and recognised by the National Executive Council under the Rules, known as “NUS Areas”.

NUS Areas

NUS will recognise voluntary associations of students’ unions defined geographically. There is a number of requirements as defined in the NUS UK articles and rules which an 'NUS Area' must comply with in order to remain a 'NUS Area' and a recognised associate member. 


Honorary Members

Honorary members can be elected or removed at National Conference.