Get Involved

Attend NUS Conferences

Become a Conference Delegate to represent student views on the issues affecting them. Decide on policy, elect the political leadership and review the work and campaigns. Find out how to become a delegate and which conference you may want to attend.

Shape our Policy

You can influence what NUS’ response should be to the issues that affects students. Influence policy through your local students’ union and what they submit to our Conferences. The policy will inform the organisation about what you, its student members, think about key issues.

Become a Member

NUS is a voluntary membership organisation, a confederation of nearly 600 students’ unions. Around 95 per cent of all students’ unions throughout the country are affiliated to NUS. 

Work for us

Working with students in their unions, their communities, or with one of the national organisations is often demanding, but you get to work with one of the country’s most exciting demographics in an incredibly dynamic environment. Find out what positions are available.

Volunteer with us

There are over 200 voluntary roles available in NUS’ governance ranging from being an elected NUS Officer, a council member or an appointed Trustee or subcommittee member.

There are even more opportunities to be involved in our campaigns and projects, whether that’s volunteering in our environmental projects or supporting the work of our Liberation groups and actively campaigning to get a better deal for students.

If you’re a students’ union staff member or someone external to the student movement but want to offer your time and experience to making students live better then you could consider being part of a Board or Subcommittee.

Whatever path you choose, thank you for considering to give your time to make a real difference to the lives of students. 

Nominations for the Boards and Groups are now open! You can submit your nomination here.

Become an Officer

Students and students’ union officers standing for election to be an NUS Officer or a member of one of our committees is probably the most well-known path to volunteering with us.

These roles are vital to ensuring the student voice will be heard, important issues will be addressed, and changes can be made. There's a lot you can gain from the elections process, whether you win or not.

Throughout the elections process you'll learn valuable skills in campaigning, public speaking, listening to others, project planning, leadership and team working.

Get in touch

Find out where we are based and how to contact us.