Student finance payments

NUS has been in discussion with the Student Loans Company (SLC) regarding the concerns we have had from students’ unions about policy and communication. SLC is currently in discussions with the Department for Education about guidance on future student loan instalments.   We stressed that SLC needs to move as quickly as possible to issue information reassuring students that payments will still continue for those on courses that might be moving online and/or whose courses are ending earlier than expected.


NUS has also communicated the above to the Department of Education and will continue to push both agencies for action and communication on these issues. We will of course update members when we hear more.


NUS Scotland, NUS-USI and NUS Wales are also in contact with equivalent bodies in the devolved administrations on these issues. Additionally, Universities UK has a sector coordination group we attend and this will be raised at the next meeting. Obviously, we’ll continue to lobby otherwise where we can and keep SUs informed.


Lastly, while NUS will do everything it can, in the short term we cannot rely on policy changes being made (especially where earnings income is concerned) so hardship funds will play a part and may need to be augmented by institutions.


If you have not yet seen the suggested questions for SUs to ask parent institutions on this point, these are available here.


If you have any related questions or concerns you want NUS to be aware of please do get in touch –