COVID-19 Student Survey Results

Following discussions with members and OneVoice, we put together a student survey to explore the experiences, concerns and issues students are facing during this unprecedented crisis.

The survey ran from Friday 27 March 2020 to Friday 3 April 2020 and was promoted across all NUS channels.

We really appreciate your help in promoting this survey, we received almost 10,000 responses which is the greatest response to an NUS research survey we have seen in many years. 

We will provide anonymised data to you if certain participation levels are reached from your students.

Here are the initial results for 

- Exams and assessments

We shall be releasing the findings in sections, due to the variety of areas covered, on an ongoing basis as we work through student priorities. These include

- Health, wellbeing and welfare
- Support received from institution
- Education: teaching and learning experience and academic success
- Income and financial circumstances
- Accommodation
- Consumption/goods and purchases
- Government actions
- Self-isolating/your health/movement restrictions
- The future
- NUS support

If you need inspiration to promote your surveys, you can still find the Covid-19 Student Survey Promotional Pack here

You can link to the survey here (although this may now have been taken down)