Managing coronavirus issues at work

NUS has created the following guidance around general employment law issues that Students’ Unions may be facing in the light of the coronavirus outbreak. 

Whilst we hope that the following information will provide some guidance, when it comes to your individual employment relations queries, the place to start will be to look at the content of your own contractual agreements and employment policies, which vary between Students’ Unions.  As each Students’ Union has its own policies and terms and conditions this may mean that you will need to seek professional advice from an employment solicitor for clarification of your own individual position for certain queries. If you and your staff are employed by the educational institution then you will need to work with them. 

It is important to note that much of the information below reflects the legal starting point.  However, as a values-led sector we recognise that many Students’ Unions may wish to go above and beyond the minimum where it is possible and feasible to do so. 

The following information has been put together with reference to materials provided by HR-Inform, which is part of the Croner Group. 

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