A-Level Results: Sign the Petition!

Thousands of students have not received the grades they deserved.


The government could have used this pandemic to do assessments differently, fairly. Instead it chose to reproduce and bake in educational inequality through the use of ridiculous algorithms. A grading system that ignores the work students have put in and the judgements of teachers is wrong. You simply cannot award grades based on the results different students received in previous years, or where a student lives, or what school/college they attend.


We saw how in Scotland the system meant that students from wealthier backgrounds, studying in wealthier areas had their results downgraded less than others. This is unacceptable.


We advocated how this system would be a disaster months ago and they refused to listen. It's a question of priorities and the Government have put statistics before students. The fallout from the coronavirus pandemic is already disadvantaging young people massively – don’t let an unjust algorithm make this worse. If anything, this year's students deserve a leg up rather than marking down.


We demand that the government in England:

  1. Give all students their teacher assessed grades – with no moderation

  2. Introduce a fair and free appeals process for all students to combat any instances of racist, classist or other discrimination

  3. Commit to an overhaul of our current system of exams and grading

  4. Invest in our education system to end educational inequality


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