Want to be on NUS-USI Steering Committee?

We’re currently seeking nominations for NUS-USI Steering Committee members.


NUS-USI Steering Committee is responsible for overseeing democracy within NUS-USI in an impartial manner and ensuring the rules of NUS-USI Conference are fair and open.

Our members sent us a very strong message that all NUS conferences should be as open, engaging and participatory as possible. We’ve already made several changes such as the transition to online democracy, but we recognise there is more work to do.


NUS-USI Steering Committee will be a key part of this work – they own the rules and work closely with NUS-USI staff to ensure Conference is living up to its potential.


There are 4 places on NUS-USI Steering Committee. Nominations ARE OPEN and will close at 1.30pm on Tuesday 21st April.  An online election will take place after Conference and will close at 12pm on Friday 24th April.


NUS-USI Steering Committee members will be elected for a two-year period. Committee members are expected to meet at points throughout the year – primarily via Skype – and attend NUS-USI Conference.


To place your nomination please complete the attached form no later than Tuesday 21st April at 1.3opm



For more information on being a NUS-USI Steering Committee member, get in touch at