Registering Delegates


Registering Delegates


Closing dates

  • 2nd March 2020 12 noon – Deadline to register your delegates in order book accommodation. This is also the deadline for delegate details so they can submit amendments and participate in policy prioritisation
  • 17th March 2020 12 noon – all registrations close

Please note that after 2nd March, any changes, substitutions or modifications to registrations must be emailed to


Student Union/Voting Delegate Registration


This year, registration links will be emailed to your Student Union primary contact (usually your CEO or General Manager). You will need to register via this link using your Unions secure code. NUS strongly recommend registering all delegates at the same time, even if these are holding places (e.g. A.N. Other). You will be required to register Voting Delegates first, and will then have the opportunity to add other registration types.


This year, all elections will be conducted online. In order to vote, all delegates must be registered with their own PREFERRED email address. This must be an email address they use and will use to cast their ballot for the all elections. Members may register holding places for delegates, however, delegate names and email addresses must be submitted to the events team no later than Tuesday 17th March 2020.

If you are completing registration on behalf of someone else, please ensure the email address provided is correct. If not, they may not receive information to enable them to vote.


Please note, when completing the registration, you MUST register your VOTING DELEGATES first.


You can register delegates to participate in online voting even if they don’t attend the conference. These delegates won’t be charged and can take part in pre conference discussion and voting plus elections. Voting on policy will still take place at the conference, so we can’t offer electronic voting for that (but it is an ambition for future years).


For Friends of NUS, Media and Student Interest Groups, please email to request a registration link and code.



Please note that there is a change in the pricing structure for this year’s conference. Event Visitors (formally Balcony Visitors) now have access to the full event, including session observation. They have no speaker or voting rights and will be sat in a designated area of the conference.


Voting Delegates – no charge

Observers - £200 + VAT

Free Observers (SU’s with DE of 1) – no charge

Media – no charge

Event Visitor (previously balcony visitor) - £100 + VAT

Guest of the President – no charge

FONUS – no charge

Student Interest Groups - £100 + VAT

Apprentices – TBC


Accommodation Charges

Accommodation is available for Voting Delegates, Observers, Event Visitors, and Media. The cost of twin accommodation on the Tuesday and Wednesday night is covered by NUS for Voting Delegates. All other costs are as follows:


Night before twin - £60pp + VAT

Night before single - £110pp + VAT

Twin - £60pp + VAT

Single supplement - £110 + VAT



What you will need to register


Click here to complete the registration form


This document includes:

✓ A guide to all the information you will need to collect from your colleagues to register them online for National Conference

✓ A form that you can hand to your colleagues for them to submit all the information you will need

✓ A summary of costs


The deadline to register with accommodation and to take part in the Priority Ballot is 12pm on Tuesday 3rd March 2020.


The final deadline is 12pm on Tuesday 17th March 2020.


Please note that after 3rd March, any changes, substitutions or modifications to registrations must be emailed to