NUS UK Estimates

The Estimates is a financial policy document that guides NUS UK spending throughout the year. The board and a NUS UK Members’ Meeting agree the total financial envelope available, and they have outlined how much money should be spent in each area of NUS. 

Once these amounts have been set, NUS UK National Conference has responsibility for directing where and how much NUS UK allocates for its various activities. The NUS UK Estimates 2020/21 reports on the proposed areas of expenditure for NUS UK in 2020/21.

Before conference

In advance of the conference, members can put in proposals to change levels of expenditure in NUS UK. This is what is called a ‘challenge’ to the estimates. Any such change must balance i.e. a proposal to increase expenditure in one area must have a corresponding decrease in another area, or more than one area, so that the overall total cost remains the same.

Certain costs can’t be changed because there are contractual agreements behind them. These relate to staffing costs and income so only activity costs can be altered or moved.

Please note that the 2020/21 Estimates have been prepared to reflect the revised structure of NUS UK after the reforms agreed at the last National Conference have been implemented. These reforms will take effect formally on 1 July 2020.

The figures presented are a transparent and prudent analysis of the financial resources available to NUS UK to meet its core purpose and priorities for the year ahead.

What you need to do 

Read through the Estimates proposed for 2020/21.

If you wish to make proposals about changing any of the allocations in the Estimates, you need to identify: 

•    Which heading(s) you want more money to go to 
•    Which heading(s) you want this money to come from
•    And the amount of money that you believe should be reallocated.

Please then use this form to submit your proposals.

Questions on the Estimates should be directed to 


There is a specified deadline to submit your changes. These must be with NUS by 11 March 2020. The President will then respond to all proposals to change expenditure levels. 

This response will be published for review at the Conference and Members’ Meeting. 

At conference

At the conference, if 100 delegates wish to hear a discussion about changing the estimates this can be discussed and debated. Delegates will be asked to vote on each change of spending proposal received following a short debate. These proposals will amend the Estimates. Then, conference will be invited to approve the Estimates by voting on it. If you do not agree with what is in the report, you should vote against.

If conference passes a change to expenditure this will be referred back to the NUS UK board. Ultimately it is the Board’s duty to ensure legal compliance and solvency of NUS UK and they will need to consider this when reviewing proposals from conference.