Sajjad Hossain


Sajjad for the radical new leadership which the student movement disparately needs!! I am the Re-elected Vice President Education at London South Bank University Students’ Union and I am here to be your next VP HE to change the HE sector directly relating to the students and widely impacting student’s educational experience across the country. My student priorities to implement a student’s centric strategy which includes to raise the standard of privity, equity and quality of higher education by initiating a collective voice principle to solve the persistent problems faced by the current SU’s in the country.


Nominated by: Aarish Hyder, Kent Union; Subramanian Nithya, Cranfield University Students' Association; Karaen Maniar, London South Bank University Students' Union; Anisuzz Zaman, University of Birmingham Guild of Students; Sajia Afreen, GCU Students' Union; Ahmad Ikram, Union of Kingston; Moosa Mahmood Baharmoos, University of East London Students' Union


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My name is Sajjad Hossain- contesting for the NUS VP HE. I am the Re-elected Vice President of Education at London South Bank University Students’ Union. Our education should be right and accessible for all. It’s not just about getting in, it’s about how you are getting on. I believe the university should be transformable and adaptable to the diversity of students, we want to cater to their best ability to uphold the standard of education for the students bearing in mind the student’s comfort to adapt to the environment. Further on, we want to develop a educational system that works with everyone. 


My campaign priorities-  

  • Saving student money- abolishing hidden course costs, campaigning for free graduation ceremonies 

  • Fighting for student success in HE (attainment gaps, employability, mental health) 

  • Leadership on Brexit as EU students have been thrown into uncertainty 

  • Keeping and promoting outward mobility and Erasmus scheme 

  • Supporting international students, campaign against home office hostile immigration policy for international students- fighting against deportation 

  • Decolonisation of education 

  • Campaigning for free education 

  • Fee disparity USS strikes- supporting staff compensation for strikes 

  • Lobbying the government to change the consumer rights law to exclude industrial action from force majeure for universities 

My experience-  

As Vice President of Education, I have achieved some big campaigns at my SU such as: 

  • Lecture Capture for all the classrooms 

  • A standard assessment and feedback criteria for all the courses across the university 

  • Abolishing hidden course costs 

  • Digitalise course-rep system 

  • Extension of library opening hours 24/7 during exams 

  • Closed BME attainment gap 

  • Employed 24/7 Residence Wellbeing manager at our Halls of Residence 

  • Currently negotiating with the university to reschedule the graduation ceremony in summer and making it free for all of our students. 

I have extensive experience as a student, SU education officer and had been NUS delegate and participant to EU’s youth leadership projects that I believe we can form a strong coalition that is much needed towards the path of modernised education as a principle of my fight to win. My activism to this movement will be to lead, initiate and implement new strategies that will provide the desirable results that I have proposed and make sure that it reaches its conclusion. Let’s collaborate together to make this cause a reality by performance. 

My Aim- 

The basis being a diversified university that approaches the demographic of the students that justifies the legitimately approach in confidence of the students. Support me and we will develop and demonstrate a stronger national union that will be ready to take on any challenges and lead the union to its new horizons to the path towards a new pragmatic system of education that everyone requires and those who deserve. I look to bridge the attainment gap in the system to ensure fairness in education to liberalise teaching and improving learning environment. I want to fiercely restructure the sponsorship and fees and make the flow of cost transparent. These costs incurred by students for their education maximise their capability to achieve higher results and be more employable to offset the incurred cost on their education. 

Support SU’s in resulting campaigns and promoting new job to fill vacancies and helping universities to develop and run new courses efficiently. I want to campaign to introduce a robust plan to eradicate disparity in fees and stop competition among universities bearing in mind the clarity in the goal which is to promote effective education rather than raging disappointment. I want to develop a suitable framework for inclusivity and eradicating hostile environments in institution. 

I want to secure international students from being treated as cash cows to universities and reformulating government regulation and policies that works in the best interest to both students and universities. Brexit is being an uncertain reality to the EU students. Onerously we students together can have a stronger negotiating agenda to mitigate the risks and ill effects of Brexit upon the EU students as I reignite and resolute my strongest will to support the EU students in the cause for their future. I am proudly thankful for receiving this opportunity and sustaining colossal courage to present and preview my beliefs and propose campaigns. I greatly believe in you to support me in this journey of change which wouldn’t occur without your loving support and vote. Vote for Education, Vote for me.