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NUS is changing - but education is too. The boundaries between FE and HE are increasingly blurred, apprentices fall between the cracks. But NUS hasn’t caught up. It never will, if it leaves the majority of members out of decision making. We cannot have an NUS where only the largest, richest unions are represented. That is why I’m standing. To lead by example, to ensure the voices of smaller institutions are heard, to bring my experience of taking UCB Guild from a University department, to an independent student-led Union, to the national movement. Vote Ross Loveitt #1 for VPHE.


Nominated by: Chris Black, Newman University Students' Union; Oliver MacKenzie, University of Manchester Students' Union; Emer O'Driscoll-Paton, Students' Union UCL; Paula Couto Rodriguez, University College Birmingham Guild of Students; Joe Wassell, Coventry University Students' Union; Danielle Gallagher, Aston SU; Joshua Williams, Birmingham Guild Students' Union; Evie Adams, Salford Students' Union; Zoha Shah, Leeds Trinity Students' Union


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Ross Loveitt 

Number 1 for VP HE 

  • Broaden The Conversation 

  • Taking on Technical 

  • Beyond HE Policy 

Why I’m Running 

If it wasn't for my students' union, I wouldn't still be in education, let alone the President of UCB Guild. It's a story told so commonly at NUS Conference that you can feel eyes rolling just reading it.  

But this isn't the X Factor. It's not a story told to win votes. It's the truth for students like us up and down the country. Unions like ours really do change lives. Yet this approach to making change for students hasn't been finding its way into NUS.  

Previously, we've been forgotten about, looked down upon and pushed aside. It's part of why so many of us have been so unhappy with NUS for the past few years. 

But NUS is changing - and we have a chance to shape it for the better. I truly believe in the power of our national union. I'm passionate about it, I care about it and I want to help it be the best possible NUS I know it could be. 

That's why I'm running to be VP HE. 

I’ve not just led my Union – we made one! 

When I started at UCB Guild, the union was a department of the University. Working with an amazing team of students, we've created a fully independent student-led students' union. 

I know the struggle of creating a new union from scratch. I won't just put it to use in shaping a new look NUS - we'll support your unions, so many of which are in new institutions, to do this too. 

"Ross really understands how NUS can support and develop smaller SUs. That's why I'm voting him No 1 for VP HE." 

Zoha Shah President LeedsTrinity SU 


  1. Broaden the Conversation 

We have so much to learn from each other, but our national conversation has been too hostile for too long. 

I want to put collectivism back at the heart of NUS, and lead a national movement with the skills to hear as well as listen. 

Elect me and we’ll 

  • Create spaces where ALL unions can come together to learn from each other and build supportive communities 

  • Make sure NUS is doing less, better. I'll use my experience leading a small union to great things to ensure NUS is driving hard hitting campaigns that change student life for the better. 

  • Break the false distinction between FE and HE to ensure all of our students' unions are supported to work together. 


  1. Taking on Technical 

Institutions like UCB support students to become Michelin starred chefs, Olympic sports therapists and run award winning SMEs. More importantly - we give people a place to change their lives. But we're undervalued by our government, and undervalued in our movement too. 

Elect me and we’ll 

  • Campaign to change the ridiculous measures of graduate success that can be found across the sector, from the TEF to HESA data - It's nothing about the journey and everything about the destination. 

  • Work with SUs to explore what support you need from NUS to transform technical education. 

  • Be active with employers and trades unions to fight for the working rights of students across technical education routes, unionising students from day 1 and improving their conditions at college, university and in the workplace. 


  1. Beyond HE Policy 

Coming from a Union with only two full time officers, I understand how important it is to look after the widest range of your remit. We've made tough choices this year 

which means the VP HE cannot just look after education policy - I'll make sure of that. 

Elect me and we’ll 

  • Support the campaigns you pass at National Conference - from a Green New Deal to high quality student housing, NUS will be there fighting your battles. 

  • Make sure developing a strong autonomous voice for liberation is front and centre of NUS' work in the year ahead. 


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