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My name is Hillary Gyebi-Ababio, and I’m running to be your next Vice President for Higher Education. I firmly believe that education should be free, accessible and open to all, with students from all backgrounds and identities being able to engage with and shape the education they deserve. Students should be at the centre of their education, not viewed as metrics in a market. For a voice that will fight for an education system that puts students first and ensures NUS is fighting for this vision over these crucial next 2 years, Vote Hillary #1 for VP HE.


Nominated by Precious Tatah, The Students' Union at UWE: Ancha Joof, University of West London Students' Union; Deborah Atilade, Bournemouth University Students' Union; Harry Riley, Bangor University Students' Union; Theresa Ogbekhiulu, Swansea University Students' Union; Andrew Wilson, Edinburgh University Students' Association; Eve Alcock, University of Bath Students' Union; Amina Kaloko, University of Bristol Students' Union; Hannah Prydderch, Lancaster University Students' Union


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Hillary for HE  #WeMove 

I just took a DNA test, turns out, I’m 100% standing for VP HE.  

NUS has been in survival mode for the last few years, but as the dust settles on reforms, it’s time to start thriving. I have the ENERGY, DRIVE and VISION to build a movement that fights for student rights, decolonises our institutions and amplifies the student voice. 

It’s time to bring some LIFE back into the HE role. It’s time we MOVE. 



We’ve got BME attainment firmly on all HE targets - but we can’t stop there.  

Develop Decolonisation – Support campaigns that tackle not just decolonizing the curriculum, but decolonizing the fight against the climate crisis, diversifying staff bodies and introducing mandatory race equity and accountability training. 

Fairer funding – Demand reforms to student finance to guarantee a minimum student income that covers costs and enables everyone to study free from poverty. 

Alternate Avenues – Lobby for more funding for degree apprenticeships and small and specialist institutions to support underrepresented groups in accessing HE. 


Education should be a RIGHT, not a paid-for privilege – support for students means the market has to go. 

Strengthen Solidarity – Collaborate with unions such as UCU, on fair admissions, bettering staff conditions, and fully funding mental health services on campus for both staff and students and put pressure on institutions to resolve strike disputes swiftly. 

Addressing Access - Secure regulatory criteria across the Nations for the disabled student provision - both physically and digitally - so that disabled students can access their education with dignity. 

Tighten Transparency – Work with SUs to bring in legislation to ban hidden course costs, fully fund independent sexual harassment complaints procedures to support women and LGBT+ students and ban the use of NDAs, which silence students. 

"Hillary is 100% the best candidate for NUS VP Higher Education. She has an incredible gift to listen well, make sound judgments, and informed decisions. From SUs to government, people will want to listen to what she has to say. For a sector that listens to students and an education system that works for all, Hillary is the one to vote for, #1 for VPHE” - Kwame Kwarteng, General Secretary at Uni of Manchester SU 



University and College managers chase metrics at the expense of true student satisfaction. SUs have to be at the heart of turning the tide.  

Tackle TEF – Scrap TEF and develop a new approach that puts collaboration and actual teaching quality first.  

No to NSS – Shape the review of the NSS to develop new ways of engaging students on the areas of the student experience that matter to them.  

Recharge Reps – Create a national standard for student representation that gives students a voice from the classroom to the Cabinet and demands that universities invest in support for student reps.  


The Brexit debate is far from over; we need to fight to ensure that this government doesn’t rob us of an international future: 

Save Study Abroad – My message to the government is clear: The Erasmus programme must be protected. At. 👏 All. 👏 Costs. 👏  

Fight Fees - Fight for more scholarships and bursaries for international students, and limit international fee increases to avoid universities using international students as cash cows. 

End the hostility – Safeguard the ability for refugees, asylum seekers and those from extreme poverty to have the opportunity to learn and thrive throughout our entire education system. 

“Hillary is the most positive, proactive and powerful person I know. She champions marginalised voices at every level and has a track record of making systemic and meaningful change. For an FTO who is less talk and more action, vote Hillary”  
- Sally Patterson



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