Candidates for National Scrutiny Council



The following are candidates in the National Scrutiny Council election. The candidates with the most votes will be annnounced at National Conference.


There are 20 places available, eight of which are reserved for Further Education students. 50% of the NSC must self-define as women or non-binary. Positions on the NSC are for one year. NSC members are elected to scrutinise and examine the work of NUS officers and hold them to account.



Najma Abdi City of Bristol College Students' Union 


Muna Ali Union of Kingston Students 


Jack Appleby Chester Students' Union 


Samira Azir University of Westminster Students' Union 


Penny Dinh University of Exeter Students' Guild 


Matthew Hayes ARU Students' Union 


Tiana Holgate Warwick Students' Union 


Subanathan Kajanthan The City of Liverpool College Students' Union


Lubaba Khalid University of Westminster Students' Union 


Ijlal Khalid University of Sussex Students' Union 


Stephanie Lomas University of Central Lancashire Students' Union 


Tony Magaia University of Leicester Students' Union 


Khuram Mahmood Walsall College Students' Union 


Joshua Muirhead University of Stirling Students' Union 


Najaha Nurani Leicester College Students' Union 


Ogechi Obioha University of Leicester Students' Union 


Barbara Pereira Leeds Beckett Students' Union 


Adnan Rahman University of Leicester Students' Union 


Hatty Ruddick University of Manchester Students' Union 


Aysha Saeed University of Exeter Students' Guild 


Amanda Sefton University of Birmingham Guild of Students 


Majid Shemsedin The City Of Liverpool College Students' Union 


Molly Smallwood Edge Hill Students' Union 


Nazifa Zaman Warwick Students' Union