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Hello membership, my name is Nelly Kibirige and I am the first two term president at London South Bank University SU. You may remember me from when I ran for National President last year and came a very close 2nd! Since then, I’ve created a network of Presidents nationally, working with them and their officers on issues affecting students across the UK, including changing the way student loans work for students. Proudly secured an All-Party Parliamentary Group meeting on student funding. I’m experienced in successfully turning around and restructuring LSBSU, therefore, I am now ready to be your National President!


Nominated by: Suntosh Kaur, University of Central Lancashire Students' Union; Tendo Meseorisa, Solent Students' Union (Southampton Solent); Liam Rogers, Newman University Students' Union; Hannah Prydderch, Lancaster University Students' Union; Adesewa Ogunyomi, Lambeth College Students' Union; Dan O’Donoghue, Roehampton Students' Union; Diini Muse, London Metropolitan University Students' Union


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Nelly #1 for President 

Hashtag: #Nelly4prez        Email:       Twitter: @nelly1k 

Hello! I’m Nelly Kibirige – President, London South Bank University Students’ Union. I’m running to be your National President, because it’s time to do things differently. 

There’s no one size fits all approach in education! I’ve had a non-traditional journey through education, experiencing FE and HE at public and alternative providers. 10years, 4 children, and countless challenges along the way, I knew that like thousands of students across the country, I was doing this to give my children something more. My time at College and University changed my life - overcoming sofa-surfing, domestic abuse, mental health challenges and systematic barriers - but too many students slip through the cracks. 

Across Britain and Ireland, students’ unions have sounded that the time for talk in NUS is over. We’ve Brexited, divided politics, deportations, the Augur review and student poverty drowning us, it’s time for a national President who spends their time doing what YOU need them to do. Campaigning and winning with, and for students.  It’s the job of SUs to ensure that no one is left behind, and that’s why as your President, I’ll do things differently.  

Mum that gets it done:  

●Started the first ever students’ union at my college initiating campus-wide elections and a student representation structure because student voice matters. 

●My impeccable stakeholder engagement skills secured up-to 500 paid placements for students, ensuring they had requisite work experience to pass their course. Other students have benefited from well-being rooms, Officer flexible working, major global businesses including Bloomberg, London Stock Exchange, Euronext,. opening their doors to my students, winning employment opportunities and amplifying diverse voices now and in the future. 

●I’ve built bridges between key stakeholders and students on the ground. My societies have links to local councillors, and my forensic science students have a unique link with a local coroner. As your President, I will build links between your union and key allies across the UK 

●As the lead officer in the 1st ever university/college merger in the country, I ensured they couldn't ignore students in the process - and I'll do this nationally 

●Initiated a student loans campaign and worked with officers nationally to secure an APPG on student funding in Parliament, showing officers that their voices matter and together we CAN win for our students. 

A different way of rebuilding student activism: 

More than ever, students, students’ unions and the future of education are under sustained attack. It’s times like this, we need a unified and coherent National Student Voice. Our power comes from students, via their students’ unions as working alone leaves us isolated. 

As President, I will: 

●Deliver a student activism strategy for every single SU, ensuring collaboration, best practice and support directly for students’ unions. 

●Regalvanise our relationship with trade unions, community organisations such as Citizens UK, to extend students’ unions’ knowledge, reach and impact. 

●Ensure that SUs have up-to-date legal and governance advice, to facilitate - rather than undermine - vital student campaigning work. 

●Continue the what I’m doing, speaking on panels at UUK, I informed and responded to the Augar review, and defending students at every opportunity on every platform 

A different way of leading your national union: 

It’s no secret that NUS has had a difficult few years. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of collectivism, and that when students’ unions come together, we are unstoppable. But SUs need a national union that is open, transparent - one they can trust. 

As President, I will: 

●Pledge to be honest and open with Students’ Unions, particularly with difficult financial decisions we need to take.  

●Ensure that no matter our future democratic structures, the voices of nations, sections, liberation groups are heard and acted upon. 

●Spend my time listening to, and engaging with Students’ Unions - by being on campuses or available to contact regularly to ensure they’re prioritised by NUS 

A different way to Decolonise Pedagogy:  

I have contributed to a Bloomsbury-published book on Decolonising teaching based on a TRAAC model with a professor from the University of Greenwich! This sets out a step by step guide to inclusive teaching and will greatly impact the BAME attainment gap.  

As President, I will: 

●Demand that the Office for Students ensure that the access and participation agenda is representative and extends to working with students’ unions 

●Run a resource hub on attainment gaps so that students’ unions can collaborate and work together on the best tactics which deliver for students. UniWestminster have already initiated links with South Bank on this with me 

●Work with educational providers to give every students’ union in the country bespoke data on their attainment gaps - and support to deliver strategies to campaign for change. I have already started on this. 

Sunny Suntosh Kaur, UCLan SU President: 

‘Having worked closely with Nelly for 18months, I can confidently say there is no one I’d rather support for NUS President - she epitomises the power of black women in leadership and we’ve invited her to speak at our BAME women in leadership event in March! It’s clear that NUS and SUs’ need to do things radically different, and I believe Nelly is the person to effect that change.’ 

Adesewa Ogunyomi, President Lambeth College:

‘Nelly is a rarity in the student movement - a leader who has experience & knowledge of both higher and further education. It is important to have a National President who brings us together’ Nelly represents us all.