James Butler 


Hi! I'm James Butler and I'm a 20-year-old conservative from Hastings. I'm standing because the National Union of Students requires not only an financial restructuring to pull itself from the brink, but a political enema. Accusations of the NUS being undemocratic, unrepresentative, and unaccountable have not been made unfounded as of recent changes, rather lent further legitimacy. Until the NUS moves towards a genuinely student-focused model, rather than a soapbox for the most radical, it will continue this death spiral of mass student disengagement. I pledge to campaign against these self-destructive forces for a Genuine National Union of Students.


Nominated by: Henry Rollison, Bangor University Students' Union; Charlotte Earl, Warwick Students' Union; Jake Scott, University of Birmingham Guild of Students; Toby Watson, University of Sheffield Students' Union; Ben Sweeney, Cambridge University Students' Union; Derya Khalulpour, University of West of England Students' Union; Neil Richardson, Ulster University Students' Union


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