Erica Ramos



The next 2 years will be a defining period for the UK, for young people, students and our education system. It will be a defining period for our Unions, our Associations and our Guilds. I have decided to stand for NUS president to make sure that we are at the heart of the debate, shaping the issues and making sure that by 2022 we can be proud of the changes we have made. It’s time to make NUS relevant, confident and effective again. It’s time to change the world again, it’s time to #Roar4Ramos


Nominated by: Joshua Williams, University of Birmingham Guild of Students; Andrew Wilson, Edinburgh University Students' Association; Ansh Sachdeva, Bolton Students' Union; Megan Price, Worcester Students' Union; Tuna Kunt, City, University of London Students' Union; Leo Buckley, Peter Symonds College Students' Union; Henry Setter, Greenwich Students' Union; Helder Costa, University of Sunderland Students' Union


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Giving Students Power 

ERICA RAMOS For NUS President 

No barriers. No borders. No bulls**t. 

Students are broke. The housing system is a mess. There’s a mental health epidemic. Campuses are unsafe. Our climate is in crisis. 

We won’t fix all of this by bickering over motions and squabbling over tactics. We need to switch things up, working together to give students the tools they need to make change in their classroom, communities, and the world. 

It’s our education system and our future. So, I’m standing to give students real power - building their rights, and working with everyone who cares about education. 

Join me and let’s make a real movement - an NUS that’s confident, effective and relevant, harnessing the anger and energy of seven million members. 

It’s time to change the world again, it’s time to #RoarForRamos. 


Giving students power to tackle the Mental Health crisis 

Crippling student debt, being broke day to day, soaring cost of low quality housing and the impact of social media - no wonder there’s a Mental Health Crisis. 

Universities do not have a plan, counselling waiting times are measured in months, it’s even worse in colleges and apprenticeships, those on less than minimum wage, who would not dare admit they have a problem. 

I’ll lead the fightback - giving SUs the tools to argue for change around the root causes of this issue. Students should be empowered to make changes to their classrooms, their curriculums, their learning spaces so we can transform our mental health. 

In 2 years’ time there will be: 

  • A 24- hour student mental health helpline and a legal right to a counselling appointment within 2 weeks. 

  • A statutory mental health prevention and action plan in every registered further and higher education provider in the UK - consulted with and signed off by their SU.  

  • Real increases to maintenance income in every part of the UK and for every type of student.  


Giving students power through strong Students' Unions 

We only end up with a powerful student movement if we build the power of our unions. But in the past NUS has been embarrassed by its members, telling unions what to do rather than unions driving NUS. And our influence is declining on the national stage. 

SUs change people’s lives. They don’t just do things for people but give students platforms to act collectively and creatively to make the world a better place. A new, stronger NUS needs to learn from SUs - not the other way around. 

From Day One I’ll make a positive and powerful case for the impact that SU’s have - on access, recruitment, retention, satisfaction and employability. And I’ll talk up our unions relentlessly, championing SUs to VCs, Principals, employers, trade unions and government.  

In 2 years’ time I will: 

  • Create a powerful new deal for SUs which will deliver a 20% increase in funding for SUs. 

  • Secure legislation or regulation in every part of the UK that guarantees students representation and autonomous SUs. 

  • Lead a new SU Impact Agenda, ensuring student voices and their lived experience are at the heart of decision making in their education system and government. 


Giving students the power to shape our country’s future. 

There are two choices. A closed off, negative and hostile country, or an open, inclusive and progressive nation.  The choice is ours if we help students take it. 

Because we’ll be more affected by Brexit than anybody else, we need to put students and young people at the heart of what happens next. As President, I will lead national work that defends and extends international and EU students’ rights, fights to defend ERASMUS, fights to defend freedom of movement, fights to defend research funding, fights against xenophobia and above all, demands a future to look forward to.  

Education must be borderless - and so I’ll also prioritise collaboration with our European partners and build a coalition that can win a global future for our country. 

In 2 years’ time I will: 

  • Deliver the exact same benefits of EU membership to students after Brexit. 

  • Scrap unnecessary NHS charges and minimum income requirements for international students. 

  • Have regulation for international students’ charges, fees and agents. 


Students powering a Sustainable Future 

There is a climate emergency now. Students and our education sector need to show leadership. Many universities and colleges have taken steps, but we still need to push further. We need universities to divest from fossil fuels, to take proper action to become carbon neutral, and to prioritise funding for green research.  

The NUS will support SUs to advance our agenda. Together, we will put students and young people at the forefront of the change.    

In 2 years’ time I will: 

  • Ensure that the UK tertiary education sector will have committed to become fully carbon neutral by 2030.  

  • Provide more high- quality vegan options for SUs through NUS Services. 

  • Make Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS) a cornerstone of our movement, through securing the return of green funding for SU’s.  

Let's give power to the students, power to SUs and power to NUS. I believe that with me as your National President, we can achieve that power together. Vote Erica Ramos, #1 for NUS National President.