ELECTIONS: About Full Time Officer Roles

NUS’ mission is to build a more just and equitable future for the millions of students we represent. Over the past 97 years we can look back on the differences we’ve made with pride and look forward to our centenary with a renewed sense of purpose, a passion to keep winning for students, and the opportunity to tackle the big issues in education. 


We are a democratic movement led by our Full Time Officers. These are students, just like you, who are elected by their peers to lead our movement for a two year term. At National Conference we will be electing the National President, Vice President Further Education and Vice President Higher Education. 


Our Full Time Officers lead the political direction of our organisation but they do not lead alone.  They are supported by a permanent staff team who work with them to take the organisation forward. They consult and lobby on behalf of the 550 students’ unions who make up our members. And, they work with the other Full Time Officers to deliver a plan for action for the whole movement. 


In addition, we’ll be electing within our Liberation and Nations conferences the Vice President Liberation, NUS Scotland President, NUS Wales President and NUS-USI President. Together this team forms our officer executive, responsible for delivering the priorities that students vote for. 


The information on these pages tells you everything you need to know to stand to be a Full Time Officer.  


About the roles 

NUS’ Full Time Officers are the political leaders of our movement.  They work together to decide the political priorities of the organisation.  They take direction from Conference on what NUS should campaign on.  And, they lobby decision makers on behalf of the movement. 


Each of the Full Time Officers elected at NUS Conference represent different constituencies and have different roles.  Full Time Officers are individually accountable for work within their remit while they are collectively accountable for NUS’ plan of work. 


President: The NUS President is the political leader of NUS.  They are the figurehead of the organisation and the primary point of contact between NUS, politicians, and the wider education sector.  They choose NUS’ priority campaign and lead the Officer team in achieving their objectives. 


Vice President Higher Education: The Vice President Higher Education leads NUS’ work on issues related to the higher education sector.  They represent our movement to policy makers, campaign on the equity and quality of higher education, and lead on working with students’ unions on tackling the big issues in higher education. 


Vice President Further Education: Further Education is a varied sector which spans from A Levels, BTECS, T-Levels, Apprenticeships, Access Courses, and much more beside.  There is no typical learner and the Vice President Further Education advocates on behalf of our members in Further Education.  This role involves shaping policy, representing members, and being an advocate for everyone in Further Education. 


Board Membership 

NUS compromises of two primary organisations.  NUS UK which is responsible for NUS’ campaigning and policy work.  And, NUS Charity which works with students’ unions to enhance their work through training, advice, and support. 


All of our Full Time Officers sit on the Board of Directors of NUS UK. Some will also be Trustees of NUS Charity. As a board member officers have a responsibility, with other board members, for the strategy and financial stability of NUS.  Over the past year NUS UK’s Director have led on organisational reform, written a new strategy, and developed a new financial model for the organisation.  


As a company director you will have specific duties and responsibilities. To find out more about this, take a look at this blog post on Companies Hose which outlines the key duties


Term, hours and salary 

Officers become full time employees of NUS UK and serve a term of office covering a two year cycle, starting on 1 July 2020. The salary level for officer positions is £25,500 


Find out more about the roles 

As a result of reforms to NUS, the roles we are electing this year are different from previous roles. It’s really important for candidates to find out about the role and what to expect. As well as information on the website there are also opportunities for candidates to find out about the roles through briefings and surgeries. 


Optional drop in surgeries for people considering standing for election. These will be running over skype and will be run as a drop in session. They are being held on 

29 January, 3pm – 4pm 

12 February, 3pm - 4pm 

If you would like to attend, or if you can’t attend on those dates and want to schedule a call please email 


To find out about the current work of the Officer team you can attend a Campaign Accountability Surgery. Hosted by the relevant NUS officer(s) and supported by the membership engagement team, you’ll get an update on the activities taking place, an outline of any key meetings coming up and an overview of their campaign’s impact so far. Surgeries take place the last week of the month and you can find out more here.


 There is also a mandatory candidate briefing taking place after the close of nominations. This will take place on 19 February 2020, 12pm – 2pm. 


Stand for Election 

To nominate yourself for any of the above positions please view this page