NUS Scotland President

Liam McCabe

I’m Liam, Hello. My priorities as NUS Scotland President include empowering grassroots activism within the student movement to democratise, reinvigorate and bring change to their campuses, supporting liberation, equality, estranged students, strengthening workers’ rights for students and more.

I have forged closer partnerships with trade union allies, showing practical solidarity and support during industrial and employment disputes. NUS Scotland continue to campaign on improving student support in Scotland, ensuring all increases are tied to the Real Living Wage. Lastly, I continue to lead NUS Scotland’s work on widening access to further and higher education for the most disadvantaged students throughout Scotland, ensuring more people can access and succeed within education.

Following a successful year of progress, I will ensure NUS Scotland’s 2019 campaign priority is on student housing, strengthening the rights of student renters, making rent more affordable and accommodation accessible. In addition, NUS Scotland continues to campaign for increased student mental health support on campus, ensuring students have immediate access to mental health counselling services.

I am a lifelong trade unionist and proud member of Unite the Union.