Scottish Executive Committee (SEC)

The Scottish Executive Committee is made up of elected student representatives. The Scottish Executive Committee is responsible for overseeing the political work of the organisation in between meetings of NUS Scotland Conference, scrutinising the work of the full-time officers and making decisions that affect NUS Scotland as a whole. 

Scottish Executive Committee 2018-19

NUS Scotland has three full-time officers, NUS Scotland President and Deputy President are elected at NUS Scotland Conference and the Women's Officer is elected at NUS Scotland Women's Conference. They are joined by four volunteer liberation officers who are elected at liberation conferences - NUS Scotland LGBT+ Officer, NUS Scotland Trans Officer, NUS Scotland Black Students' Officer and NUS Scotland Disabled Students' Officer. 

NUS Scotland President* Liam McCabe
Deputy President* Gemma Jones
Women's Officer^ Shuwanna Aaron
Vice President (Communities)* Elena Semple
LGBT+ Officer^ Kai O'Doherty
Disabled Students' Officer^ Donna Connelly - RESIGNED
Black Students' Officer^ Titi Farukuoye
Asylum and Refugee Officer VACANT
International Students' Officer # Manish Khatri
Postgraduate Students' Officer # Matt Crilly
Mature and Part-time Students' Officer # Matthew MacKenzie
Executive Representative* Jen Anderson
Executive Representative* Jamie Grant
Executive Representative* Heather Innes
Executive Representative* Sorcha Kirker
Executive Representative* Nicoline Kure
Executive Representative* Zeyad Rashad
Executive Representative* Tam Wilson

* elected at NUS Scotland Conference
^ elected at NUS Scotland Liberation Conferences
# elected at NUS Scotland Sections Conference