NUS Scotland Liberation Committees

NUS Scotland has four liberation committees - NUS Scotland Black Students' Committee, NUS Scotland Disabled Students' Committee, NUS Scotland LGBT+ Committee and NUS Scotland Women's Committee. In spring students' who self define into the campaign can attend the relevant liberation conference to set policy and to elect the officer and committee members. In Spring 2018, the first NUS Scotland Trans Conference will elect a volunteer officer and committee. 

NUS Scotland Black Students' Committee 

Titi Faruyuoke - NUS Scotland Black Students' Officer

Mohammed Alhassan
Elena Semple
Jatinder Singh
Fatima Seck (co-opted)

NUS Scotland Disabled Students' Committee

Lainey McKinlay - NUS Scotland Disabled Students' Officer

Eli Blyth 
Caroline Hicks
Jenna Mitchell
Calix Winning

NUS Scotland LGBT+ Committee

Leo Siebert - NUS Scotland LGBT+ Officer

Ellie Mulreany
Han Deacon
Rhea Livesey
Matthew MacKenzie
Will Stringer
Calix Winning

NUS Scotland Women's Committee

Shuwanna Aaron - NUS Scotland Women's Officer

Maria Roberts
Rose Lakatos
Heather Innes
Isla Whateley

There is also the NUS Scotland Black Women's Sub-Committee who work on addressing the underrepresentation of black women.  There are four members, two who are elected at NUS Scotland Women's Conference and two members at NUS Scotland Black Students' Conference.