Shuwanna Aaron


Plain text manifesto 

Hey! I’m Shuwanna and I’m running to be your next Women's Officer!

NUS Scotland needs a Women's Campaign that is a truly intersectional, grassroots endeavor for liberation. One that elevates rather than neglects the voices of the most marginalised women and non-binary students, and ensures they are engaged and supported at all levels. If elected, I will strengthen cross-liberation campaigns and support NUS Scotland part-time liberation officers. I will develop stronger relationships between Students' Associations, Feminist Societies and local grassroots organisations to ensure our struggle for liberation is collaborative and effective.

Vote Shuwanna #1 for Women’s Officer!


Maria Roberts


Plain text manifesto 

Having been both a College Officer and a University Officer, I have a vast amount of experience in both fields, as well as understanding the difficulties involved in student representation. I also know the strains of holding both full-time, and part-time positions, and I have proven that I am capable. I know what it is like to study as a woman in today’s education system; I have encountered, and overcome, the challenges and barriers that we face. I am dedicated to positively shaping the future of education for women students in Scotland.