Sorcha Kirker


Plain text manifesto 

My name is Sorcha Kirker and I am the current HISA VPHE, before that I was the Depute President for Orkney College for 2 years - I have the experience. I have effectively represented the students at both a local and regional level, and been involved nationally througout.

I'm a strong leader, and I ensure students are included at the heart of all my work. One of my biggest passions is liberation, particularly women's representation. In my Students' Association, I have worked extensively in this area, and would love the opportunity to continue working at a National level.

Elena Semple

Plain text manifesto

Hello! I am running to be your Women's Representative for the 19/20 term!  Our movement has been served a heavy blow by the loss of the full-time status of our Women's Officer. As a union, we pledge that liberation is at the heart of what we stand for and during this time of change and uncertainty, we need someone with experience and strength to get our full-time officer back!  It takes perseverance and teamwork at the negotiation table and those skills I have in abundance.

Let's fight together to bring diversity and strength back into our movement!

R.O.N (Re-open nominations)