Kai O'Doherty


Helloooo there! I’m Kai, and I’m running to be your LGBT+ Officer. As a dedicated grassroots activist, policy nerd and over-involved queer, I’m excited to represent you in the struggles you, and other LGBT+ students, face. On top of generally supporting LGBT+ officers and students who want advice, training or support, I have key campaign interests: I will make Scotland-specific toolkits for organizing an intersectional LGBT+ History Month, tackle social and bureaucratic barriers for trans/non-binary students, fight for the most marginalized in our community, be transparent in my leadership – and have fun with y’all while I’m at it!

Calix Winning 


Hi, I'm Calix and I'm an art student from Ayrshire College, I joined my student association 3 years ago when I first started college as a class rep, and for the past 2 years I've been the LGBT+ officer at ASCA. This year I've also sat on the NUS Scotland LGBT+ and Disabled student campaign committees. If you elect me I promise to be a strong voice for LGBT+ students across Scotland and an officer you can trust to make the changes you want to see within our campaign.


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