LGBT+ Students' Conference

Election results

LGBT+ Officer

Leo Siebert


Campaign Committee

Ellie Mulreany

Han Deacon

Rhea Livesey

Matthew MacKenzie

Will Stringer

Chloe-Lynette Winning


Steering Committee

John Hein

Chris O’Hara



NUS Scotland LGBT+ Conference gives LGBT+ students the chance to decide the direction of the NUS Scotland LGBT+ Campaign for the next year and elect the LGBT+ Officer and Committee.

This year's LGBT+ Conference will take place on Thursday 6 April at the Norton Park Conference Centre, 57 Albion Road, Edinburgh.

Notice of Conference 2017

Timetable - key dates and deadlines

Online Motion form - deadline has now passed

Election Rules and Schedule what you need to know if you are standing for election

Delegate entitlement - how many delegates each college and university can send

Amendment to the rules

Online amendment form - amendments deadline now passed

Order paper - the agenda for the day

Nominations document

Composited motions - these are the motions which will be discussed at Conference

Nomination form for LGBT+ Officer (please read Election rules and schedule) - deadline now passed

Role of a delegate at LGBT+ Conference


NUS Articles of Association and Rules

LGBT Campaign Standing Orders

Personal Details Form