Women on Tour workshops


NUS Scotland Women’s Committee are launching the Scotland Women on Tour workshop series. Student’s Associations can invite NUS Scotland Women’s Committee to run campus based workshops for students and officers, designed to support campaigns to combat gender based violence, promote an understanding of the women’s movement and skills for navigating and challenging structural oppression and support women in leadership. If you would like one of these workshops to be run on your campus please sign up here - you will be asked to identify preferred date(s) and location. We expect a minimum of 10 students to attend a workshop. 


About the workshops:


Consent and Bystander


This workshop builds an understanding of consent and provides students with the principles and skills to ensure they are engaging in consensual sexual activities. It provides tools for challenging rape culture, victim blaming and supports students in building a consent culture on campus by providing the tools for effective bystander intervention.


Length of workshop: 2 hours

Intended audience: Students of all genders, but students’ association may consider running separate workshops for men.


Consent and Bystander (Facilitator’s training)


This half day training session provides student representatives who already have a competent understanding of consent and bystander principles with the tools to deliver consent and bystander training workshops to students on their campuses.


Length of workshop: 3 hours

Intended audience: Women’s officers, student representatives, student officers




The self-care workshop is designed to build an understanding of Self-Care and its importance, particularly for those in activist spaces or challenging learning and working spaces. It helps students to reflect on their current self-care practices, its usefulness and introduces new methods of practicing self-care at home as well as in working and learning environments.


Length of workshop: 2 hours

Intended audience: Self-defining women.


Self-Care and Collective Care for Black Women


This workshop is designed to enable black women in activist and organising spaces to gain greater understanding of self and collective care, its necessity, and methods of practice that pertain to them.


Length of workshop: 2 hours

Intended audience: Self-defining Women of African and/or African diaspora descent


Feminism 101


The Feminism 101 workshop provides a chance for women to learn more about the barriers that face women in society and how to build activism on campus to tackle this structural oppression. 


Length of workshop: 2 hours

Intended audience: Self-defining Women.


Eff your beauty standards


This workshop explores beauty standards and the impact on women through discussion of choice and agency, imposed societal standards, body positivity and sexuality. During the workshop we also discuss the impact of Eurocentrism and racialised misogyny on the standard of beauty with the aim of debunking the standardization of beauty and promote body positivity. 


Length of workshop: 2 hours

Intended audience: Self-defining Women of Colour (inc African, Asian, Arab, Caribbean, Indigenous, First Nations descent, etc)


Taking up space


Taking up space workshop explores the culture of silencing and undervaluing the contributions of women in working and learning spaces and provides a platform for women to share their experiences and their strategies from reclaiming space and voice, and maintaining a sense of competency in challenging environments.


Length of workshop: 2 hours

Intended audience: Self-defining Women


Women in Leadership


This workshop seeks to debunk the popular rhetoric of women as unconfident leaders, discusses the imposed sense of incompetence that women often face in work and learning spaces, and provides tools for challenging this culture and promoting competency in leadership. It provides practical skills for campaigning and electioneering for students interested in running for positions of leadership. This workshop is best suited for the months leading up to elections for societies and officer positions in your Student’s Association.


Length of workshop: 2 hours

Intended audience:  Self-defining Women