SEC and Liberation Committees

NUS Scotland's elected liberation and sections officers for 2017/18 are:

  • International Students’ Officer – Manish Khatri
  • Postgraduate Students’ Officer – Liam McCabe
  • Asylum and Refugee Officer - Zeyad Rashad
  • Women’s Officer – Shuwanna Aaron
  • LGBT+ Officer – Leo Siebert
  • Black Students’ Officer – Titi Farukuoye
  • Disabled Students’ Officer – Lainey McKinley

There were no candidates for Mature and Part-time Students’ Officer, therefore this position remains unfilled.

Executive Representatives

Yasmine Adam

Heather Armstrong

Gemma Jones

Holly Scrimgeour 

Jeroen van Herk

Diarmuid Cowan

Jenna Mitchell 

David Tait 

In addition, liberation committee positions were filled during conferences. The successful candidates for each election are listed below. 

Black Students' Committee

Mohammed Alhassan

Elena Semple

Jatinder Singh


Disabled Students' Committee

Eli Blyth 

Caroline Hicks

Jenna Mitchell

Chloe-Lynette Winning


LGBT+ Committee

Ellie Mulreany

Han Deacon

Rhea Livesey

Matthew MacKenzie

Will Stringer

Chloe-Lynette Winning


Women's Committee

Maria Roberts

Rose Lakatos

Heather Innes

Isla Whateley