Plan of Work

Every year we bring together a Plan of Work which sets out our priorities for the year ahead. This is brought together by combining our current policy, which is voted on by student delegates at NUS Scotland Conference, with commitments that full-time and volunteer elected officers have identified in their manifesto. 

The Plan of Work was agreed by our Scottish Executive Committee, and then every member students' association is visited by an NUS Scotland full-time officer and an NUS Scotland staff member to discuss our national priorities for the year ahead and to identify areas for partnership working. 

Plan of Work 2017-18

The year ahead looks set to be a very busy one for our movement. Our involvement in the Independent Student Support Review we secured from the Scottish Government as a result of our 2016 Scottish elections campaign is set to step up a gear as we make the case for students to get the fairer support they need to succeed. We will also be working to increase understanding of student mental health needs, as well as continuing to ensure our membership is equipped with the information you need to contribute to political and policy debate at national level. We can make student lives better; we can achieve so much when we work together as an unstoppable force for change. 

Luke Humberstone, NUS Scotland President 2017-18

Download our Plan of Work 2017-18 here.