Finding Your Feet

The coronavirus crisis has completely changed the world we live in, and the student experience is no exception. Students are working remotely, without access to studio space or labs, lectures are via zoom, part-time jobs in hospitality have all but disappeared and although restrictions are being lifted slowly, the new term for our students will not be a return to business as usual.

At a time when students are isolated and worried, we have joined forces with TOTUM and Endsleigh to reassure students that they are not alone. There are organisations who are fighting their corner, here to help them. Our Finding Your Feet campaign will offer content and resources to reassure students and position students’ unions as a vital service for help and advice during these turbulent times.

Student research

In March and April this year we surveyed students to find out about their experiences during lockdown. Over 75% of students were worried about the effect of coronavirus on their final qualification, and while 78% of students are receiving some form of online learning, only 65% of those students believe the online learning to be good quality.

Outside of study, 80% of students told us they were worried about how they would copy financially due to coronavirus. 87% of students with a job that provides additional income have experienced a reduction in pay (either through furlough, redundancy or reduced hours) and 55% of students are supported in their studies by another person who has taken a pay cut due to coronavirus.

Throughout our research, students told us time and time again that coronavirus was having a negative impact on their lives, on their study and beyond.

What next?

Guided by these findings, we will be cultivating two main themes within this campaign: mental health and wellbeing; and finances and study.





Our mental health videos launched on our social media in July, alongside web content on all three partner websites. The content around finances is now live . Look out for videos, articles and more on our social media channels.

This week we launch our latest video in the Finding Your Feet series, featuring two students talking about returning to study during the covid-19 crisis. You can see the video below, and check out our other content on social. 


How can you get involved?

Throughout the campaign we will be directing students back to their SU for advice and guidance. Students’ unions unique, standalone value as student advisors and supports is more important than ever during this crisis.

We invite you to join in our campaign and spread the word across your channels, reassuring students that we are with them every step of the way. Below you can download the videos and campaign banners to use on your websites, emails and social media channels. 

Download campaign resources here.