NUS Segmentation

NUS Insight have run a segmentation which is, in the simplest terms, a way of grouping students by their attitudes, experiences and personality. By asking students across the UK about themselves and their university experiences, we have identified six main groups amongst the national student population.

The purpose of this research is to help you, the students’ unions, to further understand your students. It will help you more clearly define what the needs of the different student groups are and how you can further enhance their university experience/SU engagement.

From this, we have developed a range of segmentation options for you to use to better understand your own students depending on your needs and the depth you want to go into. 

Bronze option

As a starting point, the pen portraits of the groups identified from the national student population can be used to understand each of the groups, what they want from university and what they may be struggling with. This can help you when considering what to focus on and offer as an SU.  You can find out more about the segments here.  

Silver option

You may feel that your university has a higher or lower proportion of students belonging to one of the groups but aren’t sure which – we can map your students against the national average to help you understand what your specific students are like, what proportion of them sits within each of the six groups identified and how they compare to the national average. 

Gold option

The final option is that in addition to the silver and bronze packages, you can add seven bespoke questions to the survey in order to allow you to understand how the different segments interact with you. 

For more information, please contact the Insight Team