We need your feedback

Help us improve how we connect with you; just tell us what you think


We’ve put together a perception survey to help us understand what you think about NUS, what we do and how we connect with you. We want to ensure we’re always speaking the same language, helping you obtain the information you need, in the easiest way, and constantly improving how we connect with you. What you tell us in our survey will help us explore how we do this.


By taking part you’ll inform how we communicate with you, how we provide information to you and how we speak to you, so we’re really keen to hear what you think. You could also win a cash prize just by taking part.


The survey will take no more than 20 minutes to complete and by finishing the survey, you’re not only helping us improve, you’re also in with a chance of winning £250. There are no right or wrong answers; we’re just keen to hear your views, experiences and concerns, so please answer the questions as honestly and comprehensively as you can.


To join the survey and be in with a chance of winning £250 take part now click here. 


The survey will be available on our websites, social media, in our newsletters and from our membership team, until 30 September. We really do hope you’ll take part. Your feedback always proves invaluable and really helps us to shape what we do.


Any personal data collected through the survey, will only be seen by the NUS Insight team.  We will never personally identify you in any reports or outputs produced as part of the research and your data will never be shared without your consent.


Thanks in advance for your help. We really appreciate it.