Re-Open Nominations (RON)

Re-Open Nominations (RON)

Re-Open Nominations or 'RON' is a democratic mechanism to allow voters to choose not to elect any of the candidates in the election. If RON wins the election, then nominations will re-open and this will give more people the chance to stand for the position

In order to run a Re-Open Nominations (RON) campaign, you must do this using our online form below by the stated deadline below.

Challenge Nominations 

The deadline to challenge nominations for the following elections is below.
Please email to challenge nominations by the following deadline.

National Scrutiny Council   - 22/03/2021 Noon
Democratic Procedures Committee  -  22/03/2021 Noon
Liberation Campaign Committee  - 15/03/2021 Noon
Liberation Steering Committee   - 15/03/2021 Noon
Scotland Steering Committee  - 12/03/2021 9 am
Wales Steering Committee   - 04/03/2021 9 am
NUS-USI Steering Committee   - 29/04/2021 9 am