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Building and growing our democracy – Procedures and Steering Committees

These committee positions are all about making sure students are an active part of decision making at NUS. Our democracy committees lead our thinking on new models of democracy and how we implement these at NUS. They oversee our conferences and processes for generating ideas from students and students unions. They make sure that our democracy runs efficiently and is constantly evolving, incorporating the latest thinking on participatory democracy, restorative justice and collective care. Each year we elect members of these committees in across the four nations and in our National and Liberation spaces.

National and England - DEADLINE Wednesday, March 10, 2021
5 x members of the Democratic Procedures Committee (elected at National Conference)
2 x members of the Liberation Steering Committee (1 open and elected by Liberation Conference and 1 reserved Black Students’ Place elected by Black Students’ Caucus – this position is to fill a vacancy)

Scotland – 2 x members of Scotland Steering Committee - DEADLINE Thursday, March 11, 2021 (9am second day of the conference)
Wales – 2 x members of Wales Steering Committee - DEADLINE Wednesday, March 3, 2021 (9am second day of the conference)
Northern Ireland – 3 x members of NUS-USI Steering Committee - DEADLINE Wednesday, April 28, 2021 (9am second day of the conference)

See below for how to become a candidate in these elections

Scrutiny and oversight – National Scrutiny Council - DEADLINE Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Throughout the year students oversee, scrutinise and feed back on our campaigning work. This scrutiny function ensure our campaigning work is based on what students have voted for, is in line with our values and reflective of what students need. As well as regular surgeries directly with members, at National Conference we elect a National Scrutiny Council to meet regularly throughout to scrutinise the work of the officers. 

There are 20 places available, eight of which are reserved for Further Education students. 50% of the NSC must self-define as women or non-binary. Positions on the NSC are for one year.
These positions are elected by National Conference

Campaign support – Liberation Campaign Committee - DEADLINE Wednesday, March 10, 2021

In our Liberation Conference a committee is elected to support the VP Liberation and Equality in delivering on Liberation Campaigns. These members facilitate and sustain the Liberation Student Campaigners Network for each liberation group, where students, sabbs, and SUs can share with, learn from, and support each other in their work.
There are five positions available one from each of our Liberation caucuses representing Black*, Disabled, LGBT+, Trans and Women students. In order to stand you must self-define into the caucus position you are standing for.

*Black is an inclusive term NUS uses to denote people of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean heritage.

Becoming a candidate

1.    Find out about the role / Attend our briefing

It’s really important for candidates to find out about the role and what to expect.

We will be holding a session for you to find out more about the roles on offer and some great tips on campaigning. This will take place online on the 23 of February 6pm-7pm. This session will be recorded so please register below if you would like a recording.

2.    Find out if you are eligible
To be eligible to stand as an election candidate you must be a current student or sabbatical officer at a Students’ Union which is an affiliated member of NUS at the time of the election. Some roles have additional eligibility criteria which are listed below

Democratic Procedures Committee – any student or sabbatical officer
National Scrutiny Council - any student or sabbatical officer
Liberation Campaign Committee – there are five reserved places and candidates must define into the liberation caucus of the place they are standing for: Black*, Disabled, LGBT+, Trans and Women students
Liberation Steering Committee – For open places, any student or sabbatical officer who defines into any one of the five liberation caucuses Black*, Disabled, LGBT+, Trans and Women students
There is one Black Students’ place which is reserved for a student or sabbatical officer that defines as Black
Scotland Steering Committee – any student or sabbatical officer from a Scottish member Students’ Association
Wales Steering Committee -  any student or sabbatical officer from a Welsh member Students’ Union
NUS-USI Steering Committee - any student or sabbatical officer from an NUS-USI member Students’ Union

You must also be nominated by other students. You must receive nominations from students or sabbatical officers in different Students’ Unions (one can be from your SU). The number of nominations required is three (3).

For each person nominating we need proof of student status. They also need to meet the same eligibility criteria as you. Names of your nominators will not be published – they will simply be used to verify that you have support of other students.

3. Check the Deadlines

4.Tell us about yourself

We also ask that you prepare information for your candidacy to be submitted when you stand.
A head and shoulders photograph
A 100 word candidate statement
Links to social media accounts

None of the above information is mandatory, it is however beneficial to your candidacy that you submit this. 

You can nominate yourself online below: