Warwick Students' Union

The Warwick women’s campaign is taking a strong stance against sexual assault from Freshers Week onwards.

We’ve been driving forward three key strands, namely:

  • Good Night Out training
  • I Heart Consent workshops
  • ‘Can’t Touch This’ (anti-harassment club night)

We’ve become affiliated with the ‘Good Night Out’ project, a poster campaign which encourages venue staff to welcome the reporting of incidents of sexual harassment in our venues to create a safe harassment-free environment. 

This year we are launching I Heart Consent workshops; run entirely by a team of passionate volunteers, throughout the second week of term for all students – including Freshers, sports clubs, societies and postgraduates. Our women’s and men’s hockey teams have even chosen to become ambassadors to promote the work we are doing, which harnesses a great culture amongst their members.

These workshops will be running three times per day in a variety of venues, and we’ll be signing people up at the I Heart Consent stall at the freshers fair, which will be promoting all of the things we’ll be doing throughout the year! Posters have been delivered to each kitchen in halls of residence, so we feel the word will very much be received!

Lastly, our Warwick Against Sexism Society will be putting on one of our famous ‘Can’t Touch This’ nights; a body-positive and queer-friendly party, all with a zero-tolerance approach to sexual harassment, racism, ableism and LGBTphobia. All profits from this event will be donated to the local charity CRASAC – Coventry’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Service, who have been offering us a host of support in carrying out all of our campaigns.