University of Sussex Students' Union

USSU's 'I Heart Consent' campaign aims to tackle myths, misunderstandings and problematic perspectives about rape, sexual consent and sexual harassment, and educate Sussex students on these issues.

Campaign objectives:

  1. To implement annual consent training for student groups, including committee members at the Activities Conference, Student Reps, Residential Advisors, Student media committees (Badger, UniTV and URF), relevant Students' Union staff, I Heart Consent campaign volunteers and the Freshers welcome team.
  2. Continue and extend the implementation of sexual violence care pathways training for University security, and basic awareness training for frontline University staff.
  3. To ensure the implementation of annual training in the sexual violence care pathways for all Union staff, and annual Good Night Out training for all Students’ Union bar staff.
  4. Run a series of activities and high profile events - academic and otherwise - which will aim to educate students about consent and tackle common myths.
  5. To empower our Union-led volunteers to encourage other Sussex students to challenge sexual harassment, objectification and problematic perspectives of consent through social media and in everyday interactions.
  6. To create an outreach initiative and work in conjunction with organisations in Brighton.
  7. To create a series of physical and online marketing materials, including posters, coasters, mugs and t-shirts aimed at educating students about consent and tackling common myths.

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