Queen Mary University London Students' Union


In 2014, Queen Mary Students’ Union launched their zero tolerance to sexual harassment campaign 'We can stop it'. This campaign entailed signing a pledge demonstrating that Queen Mary does not tolerate sexual harassment. This was signed by over 1,000 students and staff at Queen Mary, including the principal.

The students’ union worked with many students, as well as the departments within the union to make sure that the zero tolerance logo was visible, through communications, a photograph campaign, and including the logo on all uniform in SU venues.

The students’ union is still working on the logo being implemented on all merchandise/uniform, to make it clear that zero tolerance against sexual harassment is one of our key priorities. The students’ union has also been in talks and negotiations with key university staff in order to progress on a wider and joint University and Union policy against sexual harassment.

The students’ union will be carrying on with this campaign over the year, and it will form part of the wider process of introducing a joint union and university lad culture strategic policy. This campaign forms part of the executive and part time officer action plans. 


Links to the 'We Can Stop It' campaign:

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