Oxford University Students' Union

OUSU's 'It Happens Here' campaign is a campaign raising awareness of sexual abuse and violence happening here in Oxford and in our University. We educate, we advocate, and we reach out, so here is where we begin to end sexual abuse and violence. In 2013, we launched officially! As a campaign, we work in four main areas: 

  • Education. We run student-led sexual consent discussion groups for freshers and for sports teams, and we also facilitate Good Lad workshops which are all male discussion groups empowering men to explore complex gender situations and encouraging them to be positive agents of change in their social circles. 
  • Awareness. We talk, a lot, about sexual violence - in our common rooms, to our colleges, to the university, to OUSU Council. We want people to know this happens here and there is support here. 
  • Advocacy. We work with college and university policy and encourage structures to be implemented that support survivors of abuse and violence to the best of the institution's ability.
  • Outreach. We raise funds and awareness for the Oxford Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre through film nights, 'raids', bake sales, and other fun events.