Cardiff University Students' Union

During the next 12 months, Cardiff University Students’ Union will be reinforcing the message to its student members that Lad Culture behaviour is not acceptable, as well as offering guidance and support to anyone affected by it.

Under the umbrella campaign ‘Not on our Campus’, CUSU will be seeking to educate students on the standards expected of them and continuing to ensure that the students’ union is a safe place for all its members.

We will be doing this specifically through giving students more pathways to report incidents of sexual harassment/violence, and also promoting the support services available to students and clearly informing students how they can access them.

Over the past year we launched a campaign called ‘Can’t Touch This’. This is a new campaign that was created to re-frame the newly updated zero tolerance policy. This campaign will run throughout the 2015-16 academic year in order to publicise the fact that the students’ union is a zero tolerance union. This has and will continue to be done through a variety of methods, including the use of wristbands to sign up for the ‘Can’t Touch This’ pledge, a series of videos featuring key Cardiff University figures, and finally through marketing material.

‘Can’t Touch This’ in the media: