Bradford University Students' Union

At the University of Bradford Students Union, we have a full time Women’s & Campaigns Officer who works on equality, liberation and campaigns. This year, one of the priority campaigns will be tackling lad culture and discriminatory behaviours. This will be done by co-ordinating and supporting part time liberation officers (BME, Disabled, LGBT) to ensure that all women students from a variety of backgrounds are involved and that intersectionality is embedded at the heart of everything we do. We will aim to utilise weekly Women’s Forums to strengthen safe spaces for women to discuss, organise and lead campaigns and to support each other.  To combat the effects of lad culture, the three areas we’re focusing on are education, disciplinary and campaigning.

Active opposition to the harmful effects of lad culture:

  • Producing a “What do I wish I knew when I came to University” handbook
  • Sign a pledge with city-wide partners against harassment
  • Hold an annual Reclaim The Night march on 25 November 2015, and take part in the 16 Days of Action after the UN Day to Eliminate Violence against Women
  • Hold an event on rape culture to raise awareness

Launch a reporting app October 2015:

  • Increase awareness of harassment policy, through a poster campaign and video
  • Tackle the perception that reporting doesn’t do anything, by publicising outcomes of harassment or dignity and respect policy breach

Building confidence in students tackling lad culture:

  • Provide training for societies and sports executives, faculty and course reps, bar staff and volunteers throughout the year in how to deal with discriminatory behaviour
  • Ensure that all training is viewable in different formats, for example e-modules and videos
  • Start early with freshers: contact staff to hold inductions in university departments
  • Bring lad culture into the curriculum through lecturers and workshops/seminars
  • Encourage women students to stand in elections 

Bradford's campaign in the media: