Disabled Students' Committee 2017-18

The Disabled students' officer and campaign committee are elected each year at summer conference. Your officer and committee members for 2017-18 are:

Disabled Students' Officer
Rachel O'Brien

NEC 2nd Place
Piers Wilkinson

Black Students' Rep
Jade Hall-Smith

FE Students' Rep
Molly Rosenberg

International Students' Rep
Justine Canady

LGBT+ Students' Rep
Charley Hasted

Mature Students' Rep
Amelia McLoughlan

Part-time Students' Rep
Emma Atkins

Postgraduate Students' Rep
Muhummed Cassidy

Trans Students' Rep
Fiona Wood

Women Students' Reps
Heather Armstrong
Gina Cuomo

Open Places
Tanju Cakar
Jack Robinson

Steering Committee
Jessica Harrison and Gabriel Phillips (two-year seats) 
Belle Linford (one-year seat)