Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Black Staff Network?

The Black Staff Network is a self-organised network for Black staff and plays a pivotal role in our approach to tackling the issues found in the Race Matters report. The network is committed to connecting, developing and supporting Black colleagues across the student movement.

Who can attend the Black Staff Network?

This network is open for all non-student staff who self-define as Black. Black is used by NUS as an inclusive term to refer to members of the African, Arab, Asian, Caribbean, South and Latin American communities.

What does the Black Staff Network do?

The Black Staff Network:

  • Provides Black staff with peer group support
  • Delivers personal and professional opportunities for Black staff
  • Acts a consultative group for NUS to test out the development of training and guidance for Black staff

How often does the Black Staff Network meet?

The Black Staff Network aims to meet once each quarter.

Does the Black Staff Network have a group on Workplace Facebook?

Yes, there is a new private group on Workplace by Facebook to provide Black staff with updates from the Chair and NUS. The Facebook group provides a space to start discussions, network and share resources with each other. Contact Sanisha Wynter, NUS’ Race Equity and Inclusion Project Officer to join the Facebook Group.

Why should Black staff attend the Black Staff Network?

To develop your professional and personal network across the movement and develop your skills and knowledge about a range of topics pertinent for Black staff such as career progression and dealing with racism.  You will also have access to Black role models, senior leaders and peer support, both formally and informally.

When is the next Black Staff Network meeting?

Contact Rebecca Quansah (Chair of the Black Staff Network & Student Development Manager, Warwick SU)

How can I be an ally to the Black Staff Network?

As a member of a Senior Leadership Team you can:

  • offer to host and provide catering for the Black Staff Network meetings.
  • motivate line managers to support their Black Staff to attend and contribute to the network
  • secure resources to support the development of Black Staff
  • display an interest and an active desire to be kept appraised of developments.
  • challenge other senior executives to promote the network
  • participate in NUS’ Race Matters Programme of work and show active leadership on race equity

As a line manager of Black staff, you can:

  • encourage and support Black Staff to attend and participate the Black Staff Network
  • encourage Black staff to implement their learning and development
  • display an interest and an active desire to be kept appraised of developments.
  •  participate in NUS’ Race Matters Programme of work
  • Listen to their experiences and offer active support
  • Challenge problematic conversations and behaviours