Employee engagement survey for students' unions

Engagement is when staff give of their best each day.  It is when they are committed to their organisation’s goals and values and when they are motivated to contribute to its success.


The benefits of engagement are profound; it can lead to higher levels of job satisfaction, wellbeing, better recruitment and retention.  It drives performance and impacts at individual and organisational level. But it doesn’t happen by chance. 


Employee Engagement Survey for Students’ Unions


The employee engagement survey enables you to measure and gain real insight into the engagement, experience and satisfaction of your staff. You also get to benchmark results against previous years (so you can measure progress), peers in the sector, and also against wider charity sector trends.


You can then use the data as a launchpad for deeper conversations with staff in your students’ union, and for identifying and taking action to improve future employee experience.


Over 65 different students’ unions have participated since the pilot in 2013. In 2020, 28 SUs surveyed their staff and student-staff.  Between them they achieved an overall response rate of 60% across more than 2,500 staff and student-staff. 


In 2020 the movement-wide employee engagement score was a fantastic 81%.


Participants answer core questions, alongside open questions, and demographic questions.  The core question themes are:

  • Colleagues
  • Communication
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Engagement
  • Leadership
  • Learning and Development
  • Management
  • Performance Management
  • Reward
  • Role
  • Service
  • Values

Agenda Consulting is our trusted partner who helps us deliver the annual survey.  Agenda specialise in helping not-for-profit develop and sustain high levels of employee engagement. Agenda’s involvement offers external expertise and latest thinking on engagement and employee voice.


Read this 2020 report into the trends and highlights of the movement-wide analysis of the overall results for the 28 participating SUs.


The survey itself is provided through a dedicated website for your students' union, branded with your logo and colours. Staff complete the survey anonymously online.  The site also has a reporting portal where you can access your results and generate different reports, by department or demographic group, for example. 


Now, more than ever during these exceptional times, its important to understand what staff experience is like.  Because of our collective buying power, the cost, including its special features, has been offered to students' unions each year at a significantly discounted price - in 2020 this was £950 plus VAT. This is a significant saving of anywhere around £1,000-£4,000+ on a similar quality benchmarking survey, if each students' union were to negotiate individually on a product with a consultant. 


Although the survey for 2020 is now closed, we will begin to plan for a 2021 survey shortly.  Please contact or for more information about getting involved in 2021.

Case Studies

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