HR policies and employment contract templates

HR policy templates

Below is a set of HR policies, prepared by our employment law associates DAC Beachcroft.  These templates are kept up to dates with employment law developments, and were last reviewed / updated as required between April - June 2020.

These are designed to be used as templates for students' unions - you can use a policy in full or take key paragraphs for your own documents.

More information about DAC Beachcroft can be found on the 'Employment Law Support' page of the HR Hub.

If you need further support or have any questions about the policies, please contact 


Employment contract templates

Below are three template employment contracts covering the main groups of staff:

You can either use a contract in full or take relevant clauses and insert them into your own documents. Please check the details in the template before you use them for your students union, e.g. length of probationary period, holiday year dates, leave entitlement, pension, collective bargaining etc.

If you have any questions about contracts, please contact