On Prevent: Free speech, securitisation and racism


This webinar brought to you by our NUS policy team will allow you to better understand and explain Prevent and some of the key issues surrounding it. 


By the end of this webinar you will be able to:


  • Explain the Prevent duty, and why there are objections to it in practice from the sector, activists and students and explain this to a variety of audiences
  • Critically engage with national debates on free speech debates in UK HE and how they relate to Prevent
  • Challenge Prevent within your institutions and understand how you can affect policy within your institution


How can I listen to the webinar?

You can listen on demand here. You can access the full slide deck by completing the feedback survey below. For a list of the links discussed, click here


How can I provide feedback on this webinar or suggestions for future topics?

We have a quick feedback survey which will only take 2 minutes and would love to hear your thoughts.

For suggestions on future topics, please leave your ideas within the survey above and you can contact if you have any further questions or for a copy of the slides