Money, Money, Money: Finding funding and revenue for SUs

From the smallest society to your big block grant, negotiating and securing funding is a large part of any SU's role and it's a crucial part of what enables unions to make the impact they do.  Following the publication of the SU Funding Guide, Erica Ramos, VP Union Development discusses the main themes and case studies from the guide, including an in-depth look at widening access: free societies, clubs and activities with Catherine Lymer (Activities Manager at Bucks SU) and securing external funding for welfare projects with Catherine Shipman (Student Engagement Manager at South Eastern Regional College SU)


By the end of this webinar you will be able to:


  • Explain how a lack of funding affects SUs and students
  • Discuss how aspects of QSU can support SUs to maximise their funding
  • Identify skills and tactics that SUs can use to maximise the possibility of funding increases
  • Explain how some SUs have come up with solutions to resource issues


How can I listen to the webinar?

You can listen on demand here. You can access the full slide deck here and to download a copy of the SU Funding Guide.


How can I provide feedback on this webinar or suggestions for future topics?

We have a quick feedback survey which will only take 2 minutes and would love to hear your thoughts.

For suggestions on future topics, please leave your ideas within the survey above and you can contact if you have any further questions or for a copy of the slides