The Trustee Induction Programme

This induction programme aims to take students' union trustees from knowing the bare essentials to being competent in the field of students' union governance and trusteeship.

It provides you with:

  • Information and guidance
  • Signposting you to further information
  • Tests your knowledge of students' union trusteeship

The induction programme is seperated into 3 sections:

Introduction to Trustee role and responsibility:

This course will introduce you to what it is to be a trustee within a students' union, covering the key activities of a trustee and expected behaviours.

As a result of the training you will be able to:

  • Describe the role of a students' union trustee
  • Name the key activities of a trustee board
  • Describe key behaviours expected of a trustee
  • Explain how the Chief Executive (or senior staff member) is involved in supporting a trustee board within a students' union
  • Explain how trustees support the Chief Executive of the students' union
  • Name key sources of information and support

Introduction to exercising financial and legal control

This course is designed to ensure that trustees (officer, student and external) of the students’ unions compile with legal and regulatory requirements. As well as how the trustee board maintains oversight of the union’s operations to ensure that it is performing effectively in line with the students’ unions strategy and is appropriately managing risks.

It introduces legislation and accountability however Charities regulation and legislation varies in different parts of the UK. Links and further reading are available at the end of this section and trustees are encouraged to explore their particular context.

As a result of this training you will be able to:

  • Describe what your key legal obligations are as a trustee of a students' union
  • Explain how a trustee board ensures the students’ union compiles with relevant legislation
  • Identify what your legal accountability means and how it applies to common legal issues
  • Explain how as a trustee you can ensure organisational sustainability through financial and risk management
  • Recognise how policies and procedures can support trustees to meet their legal obligations

Introduction to developing and monitoring strategy:

This module is about the role of trustees in the strategic development of the students' union. Ensuring that the students’ unions has a clear vision for the future and a plan as to how this will be achieved is critical to the continued success of the organisation. Furthermore, students’ unions need to be able to report on the impact that the organisation’s work has on key stakeholders - students. As well as how the union can demonstrate a commitment to continuous development and quality improvement.

As a result of this training you will be able to:

  • Define what strategy and a strategic plan are
  • Identify key considerations in formulating a strategic plan for a students’ union
  • Describe the strategic planning process
  • Name the elements of the strategic pyramid within the context of students’ unions
  • Describe how a dashboard is used to monitor strategic objective


Who should complete the Trustee Induction Programme:

New student, elected officer and external trustees, or those wanting to refresh themselves of their role as a trustee.


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NUS 100:

This course is about supporting excellence in students’ unions


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