Brokering Interim Support

From time to time, students’ unions require additional resources or external support in order to fulfil their plans. This could range from the departure of a key member of staff to securing extra funding for projects which will take some time to recruit to and everything in between.

NUS believes that support between unions is beneficial for all parties; allowing the development of key skills in staff, broadening the potential for unions’ performance and bringing together different experiences and ideas to improve the overall impact of the student movement.

With that in mind, we have asked unions to submit areas where they feel they could provide real value for other students’ unions, based on their own performance, capacity and focus.

We currently have offers of interim support from the following unions:

Please directly contact the union with your query and note that all proposals are subject to timing and other factors, so not all area will be available at all times. If you have a need that is not catered for here, please get in touch at so we can try to find alternative solutions for you.

We always welcome new additions to this section, particularly from unions who have progressed through Part B of Quality Students’ Unions, so please contact ​​​​​​​if you would like to promote any potential offer from your union. The offering of any service is not binding, but allows unions to consider the broad areas you may be able to provide support for.